Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm still here....

I know its been awhile . Been busy with my babies which I must say are growing like weeds . Already 2 months old . Geesh !!! LOLOL We have been working on the garden , trying out some new stuff to combat the weeds and bugs . We are doing 8 " raised beds, annual clover to combat the weeds  and a ton of mulch for the summer heat we have . We will also be using a cover over the seedlings to see if that stops the dam bugs  and shade over most of the garden area when the July heat moves in .  Will keep you posted on how it all goes . I haven't been able to post any photos as my photo files keep disappearing on me . So when hubby get a chance  he is going to help me find them COMPUTERS LOLOLOL Well thanks for stopping bye and photos to come soon .