Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas to you all

We want to send warm holiday wishes to everyone . May it be peaceful  for you all . May 2011 bring us all good things .
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas everybody from BELLA and the Gang!
Have a peaceful Santa day from Oliver
Happy Holidays from Gracie
Daisy says Merry Christmas everyone

Monday, December 6, 2010

We got some snow

We got some snow for Christmas. I hope you will enjoy the photos of it . It made everything simmer. Really pretty. All the kids enjoyed the snow too . Most of them had never seen snow so it was fun to watch them come out of there houses and walk for the first time in it.  LOLO  Everyone is doing really good . We moved Togee and Indee-Moon to there own house and they just love it . Lots more roaming space and its beside the girls and Togee is in love with everyone of them LOL Hubby is finally off nights and back on day shift . The night thing was killing me. He would go in for 5:45pm and get home at 3 am . Then I would be up for the rest of the night . Glad its over . I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and the best for the new year . Thanks for stopping bye

Happy Holidays from the farm ......

Merry Christmas everyone.

the brook trail

Another lovely spot along our brook
A nice quiet spot
snow covered Holly

Monday, November 1, 2010

I am so proud of my hubby

Hubby graduate the Correctional Officer academy on Friday with high honors . I am so proud of him .

Monday, October 25, 2010

Its been a long month for me

Its been a long month for me .Hubby has been gone to school so I had to hold down the fort so to speak and it wasn't easy this time .  But this is his last week and then he will be back home for good on Friday . Everyone is doing great . Bella , Indee and Togee are all growing leaps and bounds and have put on some weight . All 3 of them are now free ranging with the girls  and seem to enjoy being out . Bella has bonded with me like no other goat I have has ever done . She loves to just roam and explore the yard but he favorite thing is following my cat "Annabella " around smelling her tail. What makes this so funny is that Annabelle is not very brave so the faster she walks the faster Bella walks LOLOLOL. Its so very cute .  Indee is a talker . He will talk to you the whole time you are in or near his pen . Boo-Boo does this too .  Autumn is fast coming . Our trees are changing colors and looking very beautiful . Winter will be here shorty. Well enjoy the photos and thanks for stopping bye

A few photos of farm life

"King"-The head of the chicky girls
Our family of Ducks
A lazy afternoon relaxing in the sun-Poppy, Daisy and Gracie
Top left to right- Poppy,Oliver, Emma and Brownie
Gracie and Daisy enjoying a nice afternoon lunch
My funny" Blue man"
Rocky " Oh Yes I am handsome"
Daboo" Boo-Boo"
My beautiful"Boo-Boo
Indee moon enjoying his breakfast 

Monday, September 20, 2010

Update on my new little ones .....

Well so far my 3 little ones are doing great . Indie-moon is always hungry LOLLO Bella is coming around and being more friendly and Togee is just a wild little man . We hope to move them to there new goat friends on the weekend.We had to cut there toe nails on Sunday and man what a stinky job that was . 3 bucks all peeing on themselves . It was just YUCKIE LOLOLOLOL  But the job is done and good to go till next month.  We had baby Chickie this spring . Our birdies had 6 and we brought 6 an it looks like they are all ROOSTERS LOLOLOL . It is a cock-a-doodle -do wild world out in the yard right now . 4 of them are doodling and a new one started this am . Geesh we need to sell some soon before I go crazy LOLOL.  I will get photos as soon as I can. Hubby is getting ready to head to the police academy so we are working on getting the house winterize before he leaves .  All for now . Thanks for stopping bye

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is one of our new little guys . I took a bunch of photos this morning but now they are gone .LOLOL We brought 2 new guys and 1 new girl goat this sat . This one is named Indi-moon then we have Togee and Bella . I will post those photo's on Monday. We wanted 2 more males so we could fix them and be our bucky boys pals . But Togee is so beautiful we are going to wait till next year to decide. I brought Bella for Emma. She needed a friend . She is very small and gets picked on and we had to move her so she could eat every days . The bigger girls were just pushing her out of the way and so she  is very fearful now . She is now housed with Gracie who still pushes her around but I give her her own box of hay everyday . Bella and her will be great friends cause they are just the same in temperament. Bella shakes all over when I talk to her LOLOL  Emma came right over and they have been getting to know each other when the girls free range .  I do believe my 3 girls are in the motherly way . I hope so Bucky boys just plain stink LOLOLOL  We mated Daisy with Rocky, Poppy with Boo-Boo and Emma with Blue . Then yesterday I went to go in the Bucky boys pen and they bulldoze right Thur me and Rocky went wild . He chased Daisy all over the yard and she was running for her life LOLOL He hooked up with Poppy and tried to get Emma before I cornered him in the girls house and locked him in LOLO But I am hoping they were all ready impregnated before the rocky rampage. LOLOLOL.Will Keep you posted on that ! LOLOL Thanks for stopping bye

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Catching up .....

I thought I would catch you up today . Hubby finally got a new job and just in time seeing his unemployment benefit's were ending. And he likes it alot, alittle something different for him . We had to file for bankrupted and lost our house in Chesapeake. But it was a good thing the stress was just terrible   and now life seems bearable again .  Our garden was a bust . What didn't burn up from our 100 degree heat all summer,drowned from the pass 3weeks of rain daily . LOLOL Boy I can grow great weeds  some are 2 foot tall . LOLOLOL We did get to do some canning of tomatoes and peppers. We will have sweet potatoes and beans still  and maybe some watermelons . But who's knows LOLOLL. All the animals are doing well . We are having a  problem with my goat "Gracie" .She is 7 months old and still drinking mommas milk which at this age is very bad for her and making her very fat. We are still trying to break her of this but momma isn't helping at all . So she is in another pen . The problem is the pen is small so when I open up another area to it she jumps the fence as graceful as a ballerina and runs to momma  and grabs on to that nippy and has a great big drink . So we are in the process of working on this problem.  Our baby ducks are growing like weeds and doing great .  Well all for now . Thanks for stopping bye

Monday, August 23, 2010

I am back

I am back with a new blog. She has a nice new look  and I hope you will enjoy stopping by and reading about my crazy life .

We have 6 baby ducks that are about 4 weeks old now

 This is "SA-Prize" she is one of our new baby Chicky girls. She was a total surprise . I walked into the coop one day and found her running all over the place LOLOLOL

This is "Princecess". She has been one of our prettiest Chicky girl yet .

This is my" BOO BOO". Hes my baby. For those who don't know the story . We brought him, his sister Gracie and mom Daisy in Jan . They were really skinny and staved. All were very sick  and we didn't think BOO BOO would live. I had to hand feed him with a bottle till his mom got her milk to come in . And he didn't like the bottle milk and refused to eat it after he got  full . Luckily Daisy's milk came in a few days after we got them . But they spent 2 months in the medical pen before they could join the others. he is now one of my prized "Bucky Boys"    well all for now . Thanks for stopping Bye,Robin