Monday, September 20, 2010

Update on my new little ones .....

Well so far my 3 little ones are doing great . Indie-moon is always hungry LOLLO Bella is coming around and being more friendly and Togee is just a wild little man . We hope to move them to there new goat friends on the weekend.We had to cut there toe nails on Sunday and man what a stinky job that was . 3 bucks all peeing on themselves . It was just YUCKIE LOLOLOLOL  But the job is done and good to go till next month.  We had baby Chickie this spring . Our birdies had 6 and we brought 6 an it looks like they are all ROOSTERS LOLOLOL . It is a cock-a-doodle -do wild world out in the yard right now . 4 of them are doodling and a new one started this am . Geesh we need to sell some soon before I go crazy LOLOL.  I will get photos as soon as I can. Hubby is getting ready to head to the police academy so we are working on getting the house winterize before he leaves .  All for now . Thanks for stopping bye

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