Tuesday, September 18, 2012

a update

 It been a while ,I know .  but I am having some health problems of late that need to be dealt with ASAP  . but anyhow . A week after we lost  Buster , we lost Stormy . He got hit by a card and broke his back . Then we lost Tilly and her 2 babies  at birth .  Big Rosy is still hanging in there . She gave birth to a little guy-Twinkies Star but wasn't able to feed him so I am now bottle feeding him and hes doing great. Tulla lou gave birth to a wild little guy . Magic is just the cutest little guy and wild as hell LOLOL. and they both are doing well . its been a hard summer for me . I was sick most of it , but I am on the mend now .   well all for now . thanks for stopping bye