Friday, September 23, 2011

Butter update

Butter is still improving everyday . she has develop an infection in the bites on her face . so we had to clean them and open them up so they could drain. geesh she has a hole on her face that is 1 " long 3/4 " wide and at least 1/2" deep . Shes back on antibiotic's and is doing great . As some of you know I have had some computer problem  with my 700.00 computer . We we found out today the hard drive crashed and now i need a new one . Please be careful we you are letting windows do any updating  because if the update doesn't go in completely it will crash your hard drive . I lost everything I had on there . so as you can image I am very PO about this .  well thanks for stopping bye .

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Update on Butter

 Well I have good news . Butter is doing great . We found 3 bites on her so far but all seem to be Draining and healing well . She is outside again  but she seems to be staying out of the woods and bushes .  She might lose her sight in one of her eyes  but still that we can live with . I am very thankful for all your thoughts and prayers for her.
thank you everyone

Friday, September 16, 2011

My butter baby

On Tuesday Butter came limping down the driveway so I went over to see what the scoop was . She couldnt walk on her foot at all . Hubby had to carry her into the house . I noticed she had 2 bites just above her eyes about 1 inch across . So we put here on her bed and let her rest . When I came in a couple of hours later she was all swollen up . Her face was double in size . down her thoat and chest . Then it rang a bell in my head .she was probaly bite by a copperhead snake . By then it was to late for a vet  visit . so i dug out my goat medicine books  and found that we could mega dose her with Vit c it might save her . so we did. and so far she is doing good . the swelling is going down . the bites are draining . we now have her on 2 shots of pennicillin daily and will keep her on that till the swelling is gone . oh my god i thought we were going to lose her . it was dicey there for a while . she has a long road ahead of her but i think shes going to make it thur . keep her in your thoughts and prayer everyone . shes a very sweet dog .