Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy New Year everyone

Sending warm New Year wishes to you all . MY wish for you is that all your wishes and dreams come true in 2012.
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone

 Sending you Christmas wishes . I hope everyone has a grand holiday season and best wishes for the new year .
love Robin

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Update on me

I have been missing of late and sorry about that . The Dr has discovered that my blood pressure is very high the cause is  borderline kidney failure . She is doing all she can do .Changing meds weekly . doing test ect .  I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

update on my puppies

Well the update on my puppies is good and bad . We did lose my Thunder a couple days after we lost Squeekie and thought we were going to lose Sookie but the good news is she RECOVERED and is doing great . She is eating like a little piggy. Has gained weight and is full of the devil. Maria is fine also . So we are blessed I guessed . I got some news from the DR this week . Blood pressure is out of control and my kidneys are bad  borderline failure cause of blood pressure .  So I am working on correcting that . I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving .

Friday, November 18, 2011

update on my puppies

Well Squeaky died on weds and now i have 2 more sick plus Maria might be too (shes the mom). keep your fingers crossed that Stormy and Lucy stay healthy . both of them are doing good . so keep them in your thoughts .

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It has not been a good week here at the farm .

On sunday one of my puppies came down sick . Throwing up and dioreara. By monday morning it had turned bloody . So I took him to the vet and dicovered he had " canine  parvovirus or PARVO". The vet gave me a very grim outlook on what was probably going to happen . But I decided on an IV of fliuds and a high protein  gel .  He is still with us and seems a bit better . But now they are all sick but 2. It is terribly stressfull right now . I am so heartbroken with all this this week . Please keep them in your thoghts and prayers .

Some sad news

On nov 10th I went out to let the goats out at 9am  and discovered my beautiful LILY was very ill .  By 1pm she was gone . She dided from what we think was an injury from a goat butting her in the beey which made one of her  stomach ( they have 4) twist causing a blockage. She died in some much pain  it was just awful . I am heart broken by this . She was my prettist goat and a true sweety .  

Monday, October 17, 2011

An Autumn day walk with friends

Buster and I went out for a new walk along the brook yesterday . Hes now 16 years old and walking is hard for him .  But he still likes to go on a fun adventure .

 and along our walk we had a great friend 'Hardy" come along with us

The trees are just starting to turn here . They should be really pretty this year.

Maria's puppies ....



Lucy and Sookie


2 new brothers to introduce ....

Please I would like to introduce "Laurel and Hardy". I found them at the dumpster where we put our trash . They are just so cute . They live out with the goats in the barn to keep the mice away . But really just go all over the yard and lately have been hanging around the house porch  waiting for me or out playing with the puppies

We have a new member ot the family..

I would like you to meet PICKETT ( Pickee). She  had been hanging around the yard at night looking for food and one morning I saw her over near the fence . She was so very shy and afraid of everything . I would say she is about 8 or 9 months old . But has become a really nice dog . Full of the devil and just LOVES the puppies .
She has the coolest eyes

Finally some new photos ......

MOLLY ROSE our little spitfire .
Molly rose is our new baby . She was born the beginning of the summer to Emma
Sienna is 8 months old now
Katie blu is also growing like a weed
Lily is growing up and getting really pretty now

Friday, September 23, 2011

Butter update

Butter is still improving everyday . she has develop an infection in the bites on her face . so we had to clean them and open them up so they could drain. geesh she has a hole on her face that is 1 " long 3/4 " wide and at least 1/2" deep . Shes back on antibiotic's and is doing great . As some of you know I have had some computer problem  with my 700.00 computer . We we found out today the hard drive crashed and now i need a new one . Please be careful we you are letting windows do any updating  because if the update doesn't go in completely it will crash your hard drive . I lost everything I had on there . so as you can image I am very PO about this .  well thanks for stopping bye .

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Update on Butter

 Well I have good news . Butter is doing great . We found 3 bites on her so far but all seem to be Draining and healing well . She is outside again  but she seems to be staying out of the woods and bushes .  She might lose her sight in one of her eyes  but still that we can live with . I am very thankful for all your thoughts and prayers for her.
thank you everyone

Friday, September 16, 2011

My butter baby

On Tuesday Butter came limping down the driveway so I went over to see what the scoop was . She couldnt walk on her foot at all . Hubby had to carry her into the house . I noticed she had 2 bites just above her eyes about 1 inch across . So we put here on her bed and let her rest . When I came in a couple of hours later she was all swollen up . Her face was double in size . down her thoat and chest . Then it rang a bell in my head .she was probaly bite by a copperhead snake . By then it was to late for a vet  visit . so i dug out my goat medicine books  and found that we could mega dose her with Vit c it might save her . so we did. and so far she is doing good . the swelling is going down . the bites are draining . we now have her on 2 shots of pennicillin daily and will keep her on that till the swelling is gone . oh my god i thought we were going to lose her . it was dicey there for a while . she has a long road ahead of her but i think shes going to make it thur . keep her in your thoughts and prayer everyone . shes a very sweet dog .

Friday, August 26, 2011

We have pupies

Maria had 5 puppies last night . oh they are so cute . they all have the dads face 2 have her tail short and stubby and all the rest have long tails . all are black except one has a black and brown face and the other is black and white and all the others are all black . very cute indeed . we have been working the last 2 days to get ready for the big blow (hurricane ) i do believe we are all buttoned down . LOLO will keep you posted .

Friday, August 19, 2011

A new baby this morning ...

Emma had her little one sometime last night  and She is just beautiful. Shes so tiny . I named her "Molly-Rose" I will post some photos on Monday .
thanks for stopping bye

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hi everyone

Hello everyone , yes I am still here . My truck is broke (needs a starter) so I am with out wheels at the moment . Emma is getting bigger every day and should have her baby kid shortly . Maria is also getting huge LOLO and is due at the end of the month. We have a new puppy she is some kind of a hound . Red in color with the coolest blue and brown eyes . Her name is Pickett or "Picky) We have been canning everything that is coming out of the garden . On everyone of hubby's break we can all day long . Who knew 2 people could eat so many tomatoes LOLOLO It is now officially Bucky season so all my big Bucky boys are just hooping and hallow'n and  geesh they stink LOLOL  I also found 2 of the prettiest little boy kittens at the dump  Its so sad that people feel the need to just dump them off and leave them . I have wanted some barn cats to control the mice . they are just the sweetest . photos to come soon .  We are doing OK at the moment . money if tighter now  the state has stopped all overtime . So there goes our extra cash . but any who. .....
thanks for stopping bye

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thoughts of the day...

We have been busy working in the garden . We are now picking tomatoes daily and this week will be picking summer squash. We have watermelon's on the vine  growing everyday  and peppers on there way . I am very pleased within my garden this year. We are having some success finally . My silly goats are all doing well . Not liking the 100 degrees we have been having . When it does cool down they run around jumping and playing together . We have been working on getting there copper up . Our soil is very bad- pure clay. There are very few minerals in it . So we are trying to change that . Emma is getting ready to have her little one . Getting bigger everyday . All my little ones are growing up and doing well .  we all for now . thanks for stopping bye

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sick goats and a request

My little boy goats have been having problems of late with loose poopies  and bloat . We have ruled out the Hay, water, to much feed . What I think it is ,is a bad weed . They free range out in the woods where the girls stay in the field . Would anyone know if a website or book that would have bad weeds for goats that also has Photo's? any help would be great .
thanks so much .

some photo of the farm garden

We decided that the garden need to be redone . That the way it was the last 2 years wasn't working . Our soil is pure clay and every summer we go into drought condition, the weeds and the bugs just ruled. So i have been reading about how the french have all there garden raised in boxes . So we have raised beds now  4 large ones and 4 smaller ones . The soil in them is getting better  every year . they are easier to weed  and pick off the bugs . We are going to try to do some winter gardening in the long skinny ones this winter . I am very pleased so far as how it is growing .
We have been working on redoing the veggie garden . Our sun and heat is so hot out here that we provide shade for the pepper plants
This is our  orchard area . We have heirloom apple trees and blueberry bushes in here . I like the wildness of it . It has sunflowers, black eyed susan's, queen anne lace all growing in it . It is very pretty right now
Queen Anne lace
Black Eyed Susan's
Butterfly bush
This is the sunflower pasture . It is a pasture that we are working on for the goat durning the winter . IT has clover, sunflowers and alot of other good stuff for the soil. When the flowers are gone by we will re till it and plant orchard Grass
Our Tomatoes will be ready soon.

Update on Buddy

Buddy had to be put down this morning . He had 2 sides to him ,one very lovable  and the other very mean . He had issues with food right from the start so we were careful with him  but then Maria came into season . OH my God !!!! He was growling at anyone who got near her even if she was the one walking up to you . He bit Phoebe and Butter . Butter was so afraid she wouldn't go outside anymore . And then yesterday he came after me . So hubby put him down when he got home from work . I was so afraid that I walked around with a butcher knife all day till I could get Maria inside . The whole thing has made me so sad . But I also feel he is in a better place now and happy and playing his heart out .

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New puppy dog

This is BUDDY. He is our lasted family member . Came walking down the drive way last week and made himself at home . He is a 75 pound cuddle bug who is so loving . He was very skinny and covered with bugs and soars . So we have given him a bath and have been working on getting his belly full and put on some weight. The girls just love him . Buster not so much LOLOL. I like to have a male dog  as they are good protection dogs and very loyal . Girls are good dogs but most of the time live in there own world  LOLOLOL

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am still here ......

I know its been a long while since my last post . Hubby had some time off so we try to work around the farm in between all the rain drops . Man ,we have had some rain . gessh ! But everyone is doing really good . Lily and Katie Blu are growing like weeds . All my little boys are doing great . Sienna is back with MOM all weaned .  We put up a new hay barn  which is alot bigger than we had .  we have been working in the veggie garden . making raised beds and planting . So far I have tomatoes, peppers and some squash and black beans in . We have 2 momma chicken sitting on eggs and 2 momma ducks sitting on eggs . Its that time of the year . well enjoy the photo's .More to come .
Thanks for stopping bye

Flowers and more of my silly goats

Mini red roses
Sleety my big lovey dovey boy
My beautiful boys -Q-pee, the twins -Snowy and Sleety and NA'VI

My Funny Goats

Hey dont forget me !
Pig Pile
OH! HEY evryone He has FOOD!
Gracie and sienna having a mom and daughter day
pretty poppy
Diva daisy being her diva self

brownie and ollie fighting to get the picture taken
Sienna doing what she loves the most- being held
Brownie giving DAD a big Kiss .
Boo Boo