Monday, October 17, 2011

An Autumn day walk with friends

Buster and I went out for a new walk along the brook yesterday . Hes now 16 years old and walking is hard for him .  But he still likes to go on a fun adventure .

 and along our walk we had a great friend 'Hardy" come along with us

The trees are just starting to turn here . They should be really pretty this year.

Maria's puppies ....



Lucy and Sookie


2 new brothers to introduce ....

Please I would like to introduce "Laurel and Hardy". I found them at the dumpster where we put our trash . They are just so cute . They live out with the goats in the barn to keep the mice away . But really just go all over the yard and lately have been hanging around the house porch  waiting for me or out playing with the puppies

We have a new member ot the family..

I would like you to meet PICKETT ( Pickee). She  had been hanging around the yard at night looking for food and one morning I saw her over near the fence . She was so very shy and afraid of everything . I would say she is about 8 or 9 months old . But has become a really nice dog . Full of the devil and just LOVES the puppies .
She has the coolest eyes

Finally some new photos ......

MOLLY ROSE our little spitfire .
Molly rose is our new baby . She was born the beginning of the summer to Emma
Sienna is 8 months old now
Katie blu is also growing like a weed
Lily is growing up and getting really pretty now