Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update on Emma

Emma is doing really well in fact  to well LOLOLO. She has been in heat for a week now and we didn't want to mate her I wanted her body to heal and she great stronger. Well Togee had other ideas . He broke though the fence and mated with her . So we will have baby (s) in July . LOLOLO So i would say she is doing just fine now LOLOL . I will keep you posted on coming events . thanks for stopping bye

Friday, February 18, 2011

A quiet moment

Little NA'VI taking a nap

Gracie had her babies and updates

Snowy and Sleety playing head butt with NA'VI
Gracie had her babies on Valentines day . What a nice valentine gift that was for me . She had a smooth birth and was so brave . The little ones are just beautiful.  She had a little girl and I named her" Sienna Valentine " and her little boy who came out yelling at the top of his lungs LOLOL . He had alot to say about being born I guess LOLOL I named him "Cupid Goats beard" and I call him "Q-Pee". I want to thank my friend Dove for the great names . They are doing really well . Mom brought them out this morning  to enjoy there day . Na'vi is just a little bomb shell LOLO He is running around at about 100 MPH and doesn't have any problem playing with Snowy and Sleety even though they are twice his size .
Snowy and Sleety

We have new Babies ......More of them

Cupid (Q-Pee) Goats beard
Cupid (Q-Pee) Goats beard
Gracie and sienna
Gracie (mom) and sienna
Sienna Valentine


I want to thank everyone who stopped bye and said hello.  Please feel free to stop bye any time  for a visit. Now for the big news .......
                                           OWOH Winner for 2011
Please email me with your snail addy ASAP.  and congrads 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We have a new little guy

NA'VI 2 days old
NA'VI Warrior
Tuesday was  a big day for me . That morning Emma lost her  little and that afternoon Poppy gave birth to her little on . And it wasn't an easy birth either . He came out head first but his little legs were fold down under him ., I had to go in and find a leg and pull it out so Poppy could continue birthing him . I was determine that this little guy was NOT going to die .  he fought hard to stay alive  so I wanted him to have a strong name . So I named him " NA'VI Warrior" When hubby got him I took him out to see the little man and he laughed and laughed cause he was so dam cute .  Hes all black except for his ears and top of his nose  and a little tuff on his forehead. I am so in love with this little guy .  stayed tunes Gracie is next in 2 weeks .
thanks for stopping bye

My little Emma

On Tuesday morning hubby was  going off to work . When he pass the  girls house he hared one of they bahaing so he went in and took a peek to see what was going on. He discovered that one of them was giving birth and came and got me . It was Emma she was 7 days early and the little one was stuck. She was crying something awful . I tried to push her back in but she wouldn't move . I figured at that point the little one was gone . We didn't know how long Emma had been like that . so hubby held one to her and I pulled . The little girl was gone by then .  She was so little  that we both thought she probably wouldn't have lived anyways . Emma has been crying for 3 days now . Shes not eating and I am worried about her . Keep her in your thoughts .