Friday, February 18, 2011

Gracie had her babies and updates

Snowy and Sleety playing head butt with NA'VI
Gracie had her babies on Valentines day . What a nice valentine gift that was for me . She had a smooth birth and was so brave . The little ones are just beautiful.  She had a little girl and I named her" Sienna Valentine " and her little boy who came out yelling at the top of his lungs LOLOL . He had alot to say about being born I guess LOLOL I named him "Cupid Goats beard" and I call him "Q-Pee". I want to thank my friend Dove for the great names . They are doing really well . Mom brought them out this morning  to enjoy there day . Na'vi is just a little bomb shell LOLO He is running around at about 100 MPH and doesn't have any problem playing with Snowy and Sleety even though they are twice his size .
Snowy and Sleety


  1. Robin- how I love your fabulous blog. These animals are precious! I want to play with these adorable babies! You take the best pictures- love love love these! Where in Virginia do you live?

  2. I live in the central area near farmville .