Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My little Emma

On Tuesday morning hubby was  going off to work . When he pass the  girls house he hared one of they bahaing so he went in and took a peek to see what was going on. He discovered that one of them was giving birth and came and got me . It was Emma she was 7 days early and the little one was stuck. She was crying something awful . I tried to push her back in but she wouldn't move . I figured at that point the little one was gone . We didn't know how long Emma had been like that . so hubby held one to her and I pulled . The little girl was gone by then .  She was so little  that we both thought she probably wouldn't have lived anyways . Emma has been crying for 3 days now . Shes not eating and I am worried about her . Keep her in your thoughts .


  1. This is so sad... how is she doing Robin?

  2. poor thing ~ how is Emma doing at this point?