Monday, January 31, 2011


Hello everyone , Welcome to the 5th ONE WORLD ONE HEART GIVE AWAY event.  This is a fun event that I have been a part of for the last couple of years . So I hope you will join in and play . The link above will bring you to the page that list all the blogs playing this year .

Here is all the information you need to play . You must a blog that you post on . I will need a way to contact you . So make sure your email is in your profile area or leave your blog addy at the end of the comment you leave . I ship all over the world so everyone is free to play . You will have 3 days to get back to me  after I contact you that you are a winner .  So here is the prize.....

It is a 9x12" canvas board. A mixed media piece called "HOME"

Leave your comments and cross your fingers. Thanks for stopping bye

PS: I also have giveaways on my art blog

My little guys

My little guys are doing great . Daisy got them outside on the 2nd day and now they are out all day long . Running ,jumping and playing  like little wild men .  The other goats are wonder about then . Bella wants to play with them but daisy is very protective of them . but that time will come .  I could sit and watch them all day long LOLOL . more babies to come Feb 12 and 13 . stay tuned .
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more of the little guys

The miracle of life
Having fun

I dont want to eat it , I want to play in it .
Daisy(mom) showing the little guy what to do with the hay.
exploring the hay... what is this stuff ?
having a fun time
3 days old and out and about

Thursday, January 27, 2011

We have new Babies ......

Daisy and the babes
Sleety and Snowy
Daisy had her babies yesterday at 9:30 AM. Oh MY god they are so beautiful and she is such a wonderful mom.They were born durning a sleety and snowy day so I thought what great names that would make for them . Sleety and Snowy.Its going to take me a while to get   the right name to the right baby. They Look a like in just about every way LOLOL>
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Everyone has had a fun time playing in the wheelbarrow LOLOLO. Its become a morning treat while I am feeding everyone . Very funny . Bella gets into  the barrow and lays down and pushes all the hay seeds out on the ground so she can eat them  and if its cold she will lay in the bottom of the barrow and warm up .  Funny stuff, my silly goats . In 2 weeks we will have the first birth of this year babies . Daisy is just about ready to bust LOLOL . Shes wattling around . She will probably have 2 babies . I am so excited about this . I just love my baby goats . Poppy, Emma and Gracie will all deliver next month.  It will be so fun having the little ones all running around .  We are doing OK. Hubby is loving his job  and is doing well at it .  This winter has been snowy for sure . The weatherman have been right on the nose when they say its going to snow . Gessh ! . Though I do like the snow . It make the farm so pretty.
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Wheelbarrow fun

The whole gang is now having fun!

Brownie and Bella

Bella has to get into it too.
Funny boys with there little butts hanging outn.
Now a chicky girl wants to get into the fun.
Blue getting right in to it
Blue joining in
More Jakey fun
Jake having his turn

Monday, January 10, 2011

Stay tuned .....

ONE WORLD ONE HEART is about to bring . I will have 1 giveaway  So come back on Jan 30 and the fun will begin.