Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Everyone has had a fun time playing in the wheelbarrow LOLOLO. Its become a morning treat while I am feeding everyone . Very funny . Bella gets into  the barrow and lays down and pushes all the hay seeds out on the ground so she can eat them  and if its cold she will lay in the bottom of the barrow and warm up .  Funny stuff, my silly goats . In 2 weeks we will have the first birth of this year babies . Daisy is just about ready to bust LOLOL . Shes wattling around . She will probably have 2 babies . I am so excited about this . I just love my baby goats . Poppy, Emma and Gracie will all deliver next month.  It will be so fun having the little ones all running around .  We are doing OK. Hubby is loving his job  and is doing well at it .  This winter has been snowy for sure . The weatherman have been right on the nose when they say its going to snow . Gessh ! . Though I do like the snow . It make the farm so pretty.
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