Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I am still here ......

I know its been a long while since my last post . Hubby had some time off so we try to work around the farm in between all the rain drops . Man ,we have had some rain . gessh ! But everyone is doing really good . Lily and Katie Blu are growing like weeds . All my little boys are doing great . Sienna is back with MOM all weaned .  We put up a new hay barn  which is alot bigger than we had .  we have been working in the veggie garden . making raised beds and planting . So far I have tomatoes, peppers and some squash and black beans in . We have 2 momma chicken sitting on eggs and 2 momma ducks sitting on eggs . Its that time of the year . well enjoy the photo's .More to come .
Thanks for stopping bye

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  1. I am sooo jealous! I know living on the land is hard but there is something so special about it! Your goats are just incredible! And the pics are perfect, especially with John! Your flowers are so cool...I have to update my blog with pictures of our yard.
    Good job, lady!
    hugs, terry