Tuesday, September 14, 2010


This is one of our new little guys . I took a bunch of photos this morning but now they are gone .LOLOL We brought 2 new guys and 1 new girl goat this sat . This one is named Indi-moon then we have Togee and Bella . I will post those photo's on Monday. We wanted 2 more males so we could fix them and be our bucky boys pals . But Togee is so beautiful we are going to wait till next year to decide. I brought Bella for Emma. She needed a friend . She is very small and gets picked on and we had to move her so she could eat every days . The bigger girls were just pushing her out of the way and so she  is very fearful now . She is now housed with Gracie who still pushes her around but I give her her own box of hay everyday . Bella and her will be great friends cause they are just the same in temperament. Bella shakes all over when I talk to her LOLOL  Emma came right over and they have been getting to know each other when the girls free range .  I do believe my 3 girls are in the motherly way . I hope so Bucky boys just plain stink LOLOLOL  We mated Daisy with Rocky, Poppy with Boo-Boo and Emma with Blue . Then yesterday I went to go in the Bucky boys pen and they bulldoze right Thur me and Rocky went wild . He chased Daisy all over the yard and she was running for her life LOLOL He hooked up with Poppy and tried to get Emma before I cornered him in the girls house and locked him in LOLO But I am hoping they were all ready impregnated before the rocky rampage. LOLOLOL.Will Keep you posted on that ! LOLOL Thanks for stopping bye

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