Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Catching up .....

I thought I would catch you up today . Hubby finally got a new job and just in time seeing his unemployment benefit's were ending. And he likes it alot, alittle something different for him . We had to file for bankrupted and lost our house in Chesapeake. But it was a good thing the stress was just terrible   and now life seems bearable again .  Our garden was a bust . What didn't burn up from our 100 degree heat all summer,drowned from the pass 3weeks of rain daily . LOLOL Boy I can grow great weeds  some are 2 foot tall . LOLOLOL We did get to do some canning of tomatoes and peppers. We will have sweet potatoes and beans still  and maybe some watermelons . But who's knows LOLOLL. All the animals are doing well . We are having a  problem with my goat "Gracie" .She is 7 months old and still drinking mommas milk which at this age is very bad for her and making her very fat. We are still trying to break her of this but momma isn't helping at all . So she is in another pen . The problem is the pen is small so when I open up another area to it she jumps the fence as graceful as a ballerina and runs to momma  and grabs on to that nippy and has a great big drink . So we are in the process of working on this problem.  Our baby ducks are growing like weeds and doing great .  Well all for now . Thanks for stopping bye

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  1. I can so relate to that - where I live the summers are hot and dry - the other day we had 46C weather and everything burnt to a crisp, literally. It can be hard to garden in this desert type weather.