Monday, August 23, 2010

I am back

I am back with a new blog. She has a nice new look  and I hope you will enjoy stopping by and reading about my crazy life .

We have 6 baby ducks that are about 4 weeks old now

 This is "SA-Prize" she is one of our new baby Chicky girls. She was a total surprise . I walked into the coop one day and found her running all over the place LOLOLOL

This is "Princecess". She has been one of our prettiest Chicky girl yet .

This is my" BOO BOO". Hes my baby. For those who don't know the story . We brought him, his sister Gracie and mom Daisy in Jan . They were really skinny and staved. All were very sick  and we didn't think BOO BOO would live. I had to hand feed him with a bottle till his mom got her milk to come in . And he didn't like the bottle milk and refused to eat it after he got  full . Luckily Daisy's milk came in a few days after we got them . But they spent 2 months in the medical pen before they could join the others. he is now one of my prized "Bucky Boys"    well all for now . Thanks for stopping Bye,Robin 

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