Monday, October 25, 2010

Its been a long month for me

Its been a long month for me .Hubby has been gone to school so I had to hold down the fort so to speak and it wasn't easy this time .  But this is his last week and then he will be back home for good on Friday . Everyone is doing great . Bella , Indee and Togee are all growing leaps and bounds and have put on some weight . All 3 of them are now free ranging with the girls  and seem to enjoy being out . Bella has bonded with me like no other goat I have has ever done . She loves to just roam and explore the yard but he favorite thing is following my cat "Annabella " around smelling her tail. What makes this so funny is that Annabelle is not very brave so the faster she walks the faster Bella walks LOLOLOL. Its so very cute .  Indee is a talker . He will talk to you the whole time you are in or near his pen . Boo-Boo does this too .  Autumn is fast coming . Our trees are changing colors and looking very beautiful . Winter will be here shorty. Well enjoy the photos and thanks for stopping bye

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