Monday, March 7, 2011

All is well .... and I think spring has arrived

 Spring is on our doorstep . The trees are starting to bud out . The spring bulbs are popping up . It is getting warmer daily ( except for today BURR LOLOL). The other day we had to leave for the day and when we got home we found Bella had fallen off her house roof  and got caught in one of the ropes that hold her hay canopy . I thought she broke her leg but found it was only sprained  , badly and really swollen .  She is doing better . The swelling has gone down she still isn't really putting alot of weight on it . But i think she will . My concern now is that she has no VOICE. She hasn't made a sound since this has happened . So i will keep you posted on this . All the babies are doing well . Na'vi is the one I have seen the most growth in . boy, he is a handsome boy . The twins are struck like glue to each other . Sleety is the most friendly and will jump up in my lap for a nap  now LOLOL .  Q-Pee and Sienna are doing well, just started to eat hay  and are playing with the others .  All is good at the farm . Thanks for stopping bye

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