Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy news and sad news

Hi everyone , my god its been hot here . I cant wait for summer to end . not have AC is just s bitch to live without . Well i had 2 goats that were ready to have there babies . I brought them together  as a pair . Tilly and Rosy . well Tilly had hers in the middle of the night and I wasn't there . they both died . 2 little boys and so cute . The first one made it out but the second one got stuck  and I ended up pulling him out . Shes not doing very well still and don't know if she will make it or not . Rosy had hers the next day up in the back of the pen in the woods . She also had a little boy -Captain twinkle star-  luckily i was there . he came out 3 feet instead of 2 so I push 1 back and he made it .  It was a hard couple of days for them both . now it looks like Rosy is rejecting the little guy so I will start bottle feeding him .  The heat has been so bad here it doesn't surprise me all this happened .   Our garden is growing great . We have been canning already and today I will do some more . I am feeling better  finally . I now eat gluten free . It  is a pain but worth it . I do feel better.  well all for now . photos in a couple of weeks

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