Saturday, March 17, 2012

I am still here ....

Hi everyone , sorry I haven't been around . Its baby season here on the farm .daisy has 2 littles ones in jan and they are growing like weeds and so beautiful . Gracie had 1 little guy in feb took care of him 1 day then rejected him . She came down with a hard udder that became mastitis. So we have been treating her and shes doin OK so far . but the little guy" Willy " ended up coming into the house where I have become his mom ,bottle feeding him 5 times a day and dealing with other problems as they came up but he is doing just great. last sat we went to a goat sale and brought 3 more girls . I brought a mom and her 2 little ones . they were in tough shape. very skinny and have  bad lung infections and  worms.  I just don't understand why they don't feed moms . Alice has no milk for her 2 little sweeties .JJ and Milly. So I am bottle feeding them also 4 bottles a day . MOM has enough milk to keep them feed in between .  Then we also brought Ruby and Hannah. Ruby was very skinny also but not as bad as Alice and Hannah is a little butter ball . She came form a good farm "Hever farm " up in Mineral VA. But anyways .Just wanted to let everyone know I am still here . just really busy right now and i don't have a car anymore . So that limits me getting out. Well photos will be coming soon

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