Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Something I want to share....

 When we went to the goat sale in the town next to us . We have been before and there were alway guys there to help unload and move the goats to the pen . that sat they hadnt gotten there yet so hubby and i were given the ladies a hand . this trailer pulled up with 2 buck and had chains around there horns . my eye raised . ..... when they brought them thur to get weigh and tags .they guys who owned them were kicking the shit out out them right in the b----s and laughing saying how do you like that asshole . well one of them looked like my blue who i had sold a few weeks back and I started yelling for hub by and saying to him "Is that BLUE" I was crying and he keep saying" no hes to big" and me" are you sure " .,  but it wasnt him , so when they got the 2 of them tagged they brought them back out to where i was . I was to push them down the ramp to a pen . as i started to do that out of the corner of my eye i saw a FOOT heading right towards my back so i put pout my hand and stopped it .I turned to this old guy and said "Dont kick the animals for christ sakes . whats the matter with you ?" and walked away . i heard he say what what did you say . but i didnt care . at the time i didnt see the other guy standing next to him . when hubby came over i told him what happened and he said the AUCTIONEER was over there  saying " Who the F--- does she think she is . They are my f------ goats and i will do whatever the F--- i want with them . if she wants to treat them better she can f------ buy them !  well i thought that was just so unprofessional that I wont go back there again . its hard enough for me to sell my goats in the first place but to think they might end up there .i wont be going back .I did let the owner know i had seen all that . but she just blew it off as men will be men. that wont cut it with me . It made me just sick . i want to share .

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  1. One would think that if they want to sell their goats, they would treat them right, so that they would be confident that they are selling a well cared for animal and get a batter price.

    Cruelty in any form is just so wrong. I think its sick and sad that these idiots had to bully poor little goats to make themselves feel like men.